A podcast series hosted by Orley Ashenfelter

The Work Goes On

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An Oral History of Industrial Relations and Labor Economics

In this podcast series of conversations with leading thinkers and practitioners, we are creating an oral history of an entire generation of industrial relations experts and labor economists whose contributions to their fields have been absolutely extraordinary. Hosted by Orley Ashenfelter, the Joseph Douglas Green 1895 Professor of Economics at Princeton University.


Episode 8 -

Frank Stafford on the origins of the Panel Study of Income Dynamics (PSID)

Episode 7 -

Robert Solow on growing up in Brooklyn, fighting Nazis, and everything that came after

Richard Freeman
Episode 6 -

Richard Freeman on the state of unions in the U.S., why few Americans pursue STEM degrees, and more

Robert McKersie
Episode 5 -

Robert McKersie on his lifelong study of labor negotiations and the state of unions today

Claudia Goldin
Episode 4 -

Claudia Goldin on her journey from the Bronx to Harvard–with lots of groundbreaking research in between